What if I have to skip, cancel or change the day of my clean?

Please contact us 24 business-hours before your scheduled clean without penalty. Otherwise, a fee may apply. Without proper notice and/or we can’t access your home the day of your scheduled cleaning, a “lock-out fee” of 50% percent of your regular cleaning rate will be assessed. However, when the system generates these dates, they become your regular schedule. If you ask for a reschedule of a specific date, nothing will change to your regular dates. If you reschedule for a week later than your regular date, the following appointment date will stay the same. When you request a total change of schedule based on the last appointment, we cannot guarantee the same crew. We can reschedule or proceed with your next scheduled service. There will be an additional charge if we proceed with your next scheduled clean as our cleaning crew may be in your home longer than usual. Frequent cancellations may result in a cancellation fee, a price increase, and loss of your scheduled time slot or preferred cleaning team. If you are set up for weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning and you skip a cleaning, the next time we clean, your rate will change. Our weekly customers that skip a cleaning will have to pay the biweekly rate. The biweekly customers that skip a cleaning will pay the monthly rate and for our monthly customers that skip a cleaning, we will have an additional charge of $20 if the cleaning is done on the 6th week after the scheduled date. Your scheduled date will not change.

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