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No way. We want you to keep us because you love us! If you must cancel a regularly scheduled appointment, initiate the “cancel” at least 48 hours in advance. A cancellation without enough notice to reschedule another appointment directly affects the team’s income.

Not at all, that is entirely up to you. The majority of our cleaning occurs Monday through Friday, 8 am-4pm. Most of our customers are not at home. Many of our customers prefer to give us a key. Others leave us a key in a safe place each visit. Alarm systems can either be left off or you can give us entry/exit codes. We are not responsible for any charges whenever an alarm goes off. We protect your keys by locking them away in a locked key storage device which only the manager has access to. The key is issued to the team leader on the day of your cleaning. The team leader returns the key at the end of the day. All keys are coded and cannot be traced to you, your home, or information in your account. Should you choose not to provide Bela Maids with a key and are also not home when our team arrives, a cancellation fee may apply. In the unlikely event your key is lost, we’re insured for key replacement and re-keying your locks.

We love pets! As long as your pet is comfortable with us, he/she is free to roam. We want to ensure the safety of both your pets and our staff. If you think your pet may become overly anxious while we are there, please make temporary arrangements (such as the garage, a kennel, or a closed-off room) while we are in your home.

Please let us know 24 business hours before your scheduled cleaning. It will help us plan the day in case your special request requires us to be in your home longer and also to make sure we bring necessary supplies, so we can be prepared. You can call, email or text us. If there are specific areas you wish us to avoid and not clean, please contact the office in advance and we are happy to comply. Please note, however, we do not clean items such as computers, areas containing bodily fluids or excretions, or litter boxes.

We do our best to keep the same cleaner assigned to your home each visit except for special circumstances, vacations, and/or time-off requested by our staff. Occasionally your assigned cleaner may be sick, in which case, we send a substitute

We do require a credit card on file. Payment is due at the time of cleaning service. We will charge your credit card on file after your cleaning has been completed.

Team members are fully trained and ready to clean your home. Training continues as we learn about new products/methods and reinforce prior training.

If your home is smaller than 2000sqft, we will assign one of our amazing solo cleaner to dedicate to your home, if bigger we will assign 2 cleaners for the first visit then only one will keep the maintenance cleanings.

We bring our own products and vacuum cleaners. All you need to provide is trash bags and paper towel. We also, require water and electricity. If you prefer we use special products, we will be happy to use them. Just set them on the kitchen counter for us. Please note: we are not liable for any damage caused by your choice of cleaners.

To make our services more efficient, we ask that you pick up clothing, toys and other household items prior to our visit, so we can concentrate on the actual cleaning. We are happy to help pick-up if you cannot.. We will pick up toys, laundry, dishes, just no poo please. However, we will need extra time to finish the job and we need to charge for it.

Bela Maids backs all its work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any area we have cleaned, just contact us within 24 business hours and we will come back and re-clean the area at no additional charge

We contact clients to reschedule for a more convenient time.

Yes. And we will change the sheets if clean ones are left on the bed. A fee may apply.

Our employees are very important to us. We spend valuable resources to train and maintain their employment with us. A fee of $2,500 will be charged to any client who hires any staff member of Bela Maids cleaning service while they are employed with our company. Our staff members also sign a non-compete clause that extends the assessment to 1 year following their last day of employment.

Tipping is not necessary, but with many service professionals, tipping is greatly appreciated and a nice way to show gratitude for a job well done. If you do elect to tip your maids for each cleaning. Even if you opt not to tip each time, you may want to include a tip in your payment, during the holiday season. In either case, the tip is more of a “thank you” bonus. We facilitate tipping by sending an automated text message to you after each service.

No. For personal safety reasons, team members are required to wear shoes at all times when cleaning. We are sorry, but for liability for the customer and the company, all team members have to wear tennis shoes when cleaning. If you want shoes covered, let us know in advance to update your profile for the cleaners

No. We do not provide laundry or dish washing service at this time.

While we always take great care while cleaning your home, accidents do happen. Our teams are trained to report all damage to the office immediately, and we will contact you to discuss repairs, replacement, or reimbursement. We are insured and a copy of our insurance policy is available upon your request. Our staff is trained to work thoroughly and carefully but accidents can happen to even the best cleaning teams. Therefore, we encourage you to put away any valuables or heirlooms to avoid mishaps. Items that are typically excluded from coverage include but are not limited to; jewelry, art, antiques, and electronics. If you have any irreplaceable collectible or expensive objects, we ask that those items be properly secured or put away in order to avoid accidents or loss of those items.

Very flexible! We take off Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We are willing to accommodate your family’s vacation times and special events.

It usually takes us longer to clean your house the first time. There are areas of the home that we will be cleaning that hasn’t been cleaned in quite a while. Our services can be arranged on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Note: we do not provide service on major holidays. What should I look for in a cleaning service? When hiring a cleaning service, you are inviting someone into your home and the lives of you and your family. Often our people are working with members of your family present. We recommend that you hire only persons or companies that take the time to consider you and your needs and offer to in protecting your interest in case of accident or loss. Anyone can gather cleansers and a vacuum and call themselves a cleaner. Only a professional will provide proof of their bond, and insurance. We recommend that you work only with cleaners who take the time to learn and study the proper cleaning techniques for today’s modern surfaces as so many of them can be damaged by improper cleaning. Think granite countertops, tile floors, and cooking surfaces.

Please contact us 24 business-hours before your scheduled clean without penalty. Otherwise, a fee may apply. Without proper notice and/or we can’t access your home the day of your scheduled cleaning, a “lock-out fee” of 50% percent of your regular cleaning rate will be assessed. However, when the system generates these dates, they become your regular schedule. If you ask for a reschedule of a specific date, nothing will change to your regular dates. If you reschedule for a week later than your regular date, the following appointment date will stay the same. When you request a total change of schedule based on the last appointment, we cannot guarantee the same crew. We can reschedule or proceed with your next scheduled service. There will be an additional charge if we proceed with your next scheduled clean as our cleaning crew may be in your home longer than usual. Frequent cancellations may result in a cancellation fee, a price increase, and loss of your scheduled time slot or preferred cleaning team. If you are set up for weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning and you skip a cleaning, the next time we clean, your rate will change. Our weekly customers that skip a cleaning will have to pay the biweekly rate. The biweekly customers that skip a cleaning will pay the monthly rate and for our monthly customers that skip a cleaning, we will have an additional charge of $20 if the cleaning is done on the 6th week after the scheduled date. Your scheduled date will not change.

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